You said you want to hear us; now YOU can make it happen on Kickstarter.

We’ve put together a Kickstarter campaign so YOU can pledge in turn for getting tickets or other rewards!  There’s NO obligation unless the campaign is fully funded ($4000, equivalent to 200 tickets sold) so we need you to step up and pledge.


We have lots of fans telling us they’re dying to hear us, but most venue owners don’t want to take a chance on a Yes tribute band. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Kickstarter allows us to pre-sell a show and we can then guarantee a full house to a venue.  BUT WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

Kickstarter won’t charge your card until the campaign has run AND we’ve met our goal.  So CLICK HERE  to visit our Kickstarter page and make your pledge.

Then, when we’re  fully funded we can lock down our venue and date (likely early June).  HELP KEEP PROG ALIVE! LOCALLY!


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  1. Love to see you in Cincinnati,,,,,best venue might be BOGARTS near university of cincinnati,,,,,,,as far as tribute bands,,,,,,,i saw STARCASTLE at Bogarts in the 70s,,,,,,please come

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