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Chris Squire: A Force of Nature in Progressive Rock Remembered

We’ve eulogized Chris Squire in our social presence on Facebook and Twitter, but omitted adding a post to our web page.  Here we go…

It’s no small feat to perform in a tribute band that covers some of the most intricate and interesting music in the classic rock genre. How much more difficult was it to be the incredibly gifted anchor that guided the band Yes through over 4 decades of different players and vocalists in every other part of the band, innovating all the way?  Chris Squire was that anchor.

We have lost a great artist that defined a style of bass playing married to incredible vocals that is unrivaled in rock music. No one had used the bass as a driving lead instrument in rock before Chris.  No one had utilized so many ways to shape the bass sound — bass pedals, stereo effects, wahwah, the infamous B:AssMaster — all together like Chris.  And no one could sing the intricate harmonies and lead vocals, all while playing those incredible bass lines, like Chris.

The interaction of bass and drums between Chris, Bill Bruford and Alan White seemed almost psychic (at least when we try to reproduce the synergy they demonstrated playing live).

He is sorely missed; we, the members of Sound Chaser, consider it a privileged to have listened to him time and time again, and (for some of us) to have met him and shared time with him.

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1970s, USA --- Chris Squire Playing the Bass --- Image by © Neal Preston/CORBIS

1970s, USA — Chris Squire Playing the Bass — Image by © Neal Preston/CORBIS