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Press Release:

Sound Chaser is without peer in the authenticity of sound and equipment from Yes’ classic and 90125 era. The incredible musicianship should be expected given the credentials of the band…

Tim Wardle, featured on many YouTube collaborations with progressive rock artists from all around the world performing Yes songs (and others), recently relocated to the Treasure Coast of Florida from his native Pennsylvania. Tim’s voice is nearly indistinguishable from Jon Anderson’s as his videos (with over 100,000 views) attest.  You can see some of them here on Tim’s YouTube channel. Tim has also worked on projects with Randy George (member of Ajalon, collaborator with Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy), and recorded vocals with Jon Davidson on Glass Hammer’s Perilous album.

Tom Matlosz has duplicated Steve Howe’s guitar and string setup nearly to the model year, and has created tone nearly indistinguishable from the original.  His primary musical focus for decades has been Yes music, even to the point of  learning incredibly challenging pieces like The Gates of Delirium, and covering guitar work by both Steve Howe and Trevor Rabin (as well as Robert Fripp); he is likely the biggest Yes fan in the band, is the only one at this point with vanity Yes license plates, and has met Steve Howe a number of times.

Alex is a stellar keyboard wizard, who can master every lick and duplicate every sound from the classic Prog Rock era with his use of a pantheon of keyboards, including the Mini-Moog and Hammond organ; he played keyboards and recorded with numerous bands, including playing with a South Florida Pink Floyd tribute band prior to Sound Chaser.  Alex also opened for Blood Sweat and Tears in the Fort Myers Arena to a crowd of nearly 20,000 (1982-ish).  Alex has also appeared in Keyboard Magazine a number of times.

Patrick Imus bassist, vocalist, and bass pedals, got his first guitar when he was in first grade, and was given private lessons by his parents, who bought a grand piano and also had Patrick take classical and jazz piano lessons.  Pat — the I Man — has both produced bands and played in a number of South Florida projects.  He has duplicated Chris Squire’s vocals, style and sound (and equipment) faithfully and accurately, and, like Squire, brings a dynamic stage presence to Sound Chaser.

It seems inevitable that drummer Ken Burton would wind up playing in a Yes tribute band… his favorite 70’s album was the Yes Fragile album, and the first band he played in professionally covered songs by Yes, Zappa, and Zeppelin.  Burton has played in numerous projects as well as helping form two original music bands (Papa Tuba and No Lies) and played in the South Florida tribute Simply Shania.  You can read more about Burton on his web site, Burton also has an instructional YouTube channel with over 120,000 views where he also reviews gear.

Members of Sound Chaser have played with and for a stellar list of progressive rock stars.  Alex and Tom were ubiquitous at the Cruise To The Edge (2014) After Hours Electric Prog Jam, that packed the Golden Lounge on the MSC Divina. Tom also played at the previous Cruise To The Edge.

Guest players included Nad Sylven, lead singer for Steve Hackett, Geoff Downes of Yes, Asia and the Buggles, Patrick -Moraz of Yes as well as members of the Prog Rock Orchestra.

Members of the audience shown to be thoroughly enjoying the performances included Eddie Jobson, John Whetton, Alex Machacek and Virgil Donati  of UK, Chris Squire, Geoff Downes, Patrick Moraz and Jon Davison of Yes, Gary Green of Gentle Giant, Nad Sylven and other members of Steve Hackett’s Genesis Revisited, Tony Levin and many other of the head-liners on the ship.  Also in the audience was Nick Beggs, Steve Hackett’s bass player.

Some of the venues Sound Chaser has played:  Funky Biscuit, Boca Raton, FL; O’Malley’s, Sunrise FL; The Black Box, Boca, FL; The BirdsEye, Stuart, FL, and others.


PA Equipment rider — Sound Chaser

Sound Chaser input list and stage plot

Set list

Extended Audio Track (with excerpts of And You And I and Heart of the Sunrise)

Questions about booking Sound Chaser? Email us!

The Band (click for full size, right click to download):

Band 1Band 4 Band with Guitars Band with Guitars 2 Band 3  Band looking upBand at stage

Equipment (click for full size):

Stage setup


Drums (small setup) Keyboards (small setup) guitars Guitar Pedals


Sound Chaser logo



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