Sound Chaser, the Ultimate Yes Tribute

Every current “prog rock” or “prog metal” band — from Dream Theater to Porcupine Tree — owe a great deal to the year 1968, when the band Yes! was formed (soon dropping the exclamation point).  Coined early as “Symphonic Rock,” Yes would go on to define Prog Rock over 40 years and more than 20 albums. Unlike most of their progressive rock peers, Yes added stratospheric and complex vocal parts to the amazingly intricate chordal and rhythm arrangements affording them a unique and defining place in the genre.

Despite significant personnel changes over the years, Yes would have double (Fragile) and triple platinum (90125) albums spanning three decades, with six additional platinum and six gold records as well.

It’s not surprising that the members of Dream Theater made multiple comments about Yes in the commentary to their Metropolis 2000 DVD, pointing out the licks and phrases they had “borrowed” from the fathers of Progressive Rock.

What is surprising is that (despite the incredible vocal and instrumental challenges of Yes music) a few groups of musicians have formed tribute bands to recreate the classic Yes sound.

No one has put more effort into recreating that sound than the core members of Sound Chaser, South Florida’s premier Yes tribute band.  Tom Matlosz has duplicated Steve Howe’s guitar and string setup nearly to the model year, and has created tone nearly indistinguishable from the original.  Alex Chigos’ keyboard setup includes the Hammond organ and Mini-Moog signature to Rick Wakeman’s sound, along with a bevy of other newer, state-of-the-art keyboards that reproduce that classic Yes sound (without all the mechanical problems presented by the Mellotron). Likewise, bassist Patrick Imus has the classic Rickenbacker bass sound duplicated down to the identical strings and amplification used by Chris Squire.  A relative newcomer to the band, drummer Ken Burton uses vintage era (70’s) Ludwig three-ply drums and snares virtually identical to those used by Bill Bruford and Alan White (as well as newer Ludwig gear, and Sabian cymbals).

If you want to hear a band duplicate the sound of classic Yes (and to some degree, the look) make sure to check out our tour dates above!

Here’s a sample of an earlier performance (with Tom, Alex, and Pat at the core; new drummer and singer since).

A band member pointed out that we have no contact info on this page.  You can contact us at info@TributeToYes.com or at 561-255-9776, or at numbers listed on the individual’s band members’ pages.

  1. Rich Weinstein

    Hope you like the Finale Starship Trooper from the Black Box I shot,

    I also gave Ken and Tom a compilation CD I had just finished producing called,
    Spaced Out.

    It has turned into a Trilogy as I now have Spaced Out Too, and I Feel a Little Spaced Out.

    I have Close to the Edge at 18 minutes as well.

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