Patrick Imus — The I MAN

Patrick Imus


Patrick Imus bassist, vocalist, and bass pedals, got his first guitar when he was in first grade, and was given private lessons by his parents, who bought a grand piano and also had Patrick take classical and jazz piano lessons.  Patrick enjoyed artists such as Paul McCartney, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Pink Floyd, and The Who, influencing him towards a more collaborative approach to progressive rock. “At this time I felt it would be better to consider playing bass guitar and singing along with other guitarists, keyboardists, and drummers”.

By 10th grade, a friend from school introduced him to the album Yessongs by Yes; “That album has certainly become the most listened to album of my life, and Yes has become the one group that I have appreciated amongst the many progressive rock bands.” By the end of high school, the desire to develop a stronger singing voice led Patrick to take private voice lessons, which he continued for 5 years. He learned how to sing in falsetto, and how to use resonance through his head.

When Patrick went to see Yes in 2004 in South Florida, he stumbled across an ad on yesfans website from Tom Matloz about forming a Yes tribute band. “I had my own band at the time and the idea was so intriguing that I decided to disband my project and focus solely on what I found to be a very natural fit.”

Pat Plays mostly his Black Rickenbacker 4001 with these performances but also plays a Black Steinberger bass, mostly for the newer yes (90215 era), also you’ll hear his bass pedals (triggered from a Roland PK-5 that controlls different Moog Tauras pedal & Deutron Bass pedal voices from a E-MU Protius in his rack. His bass guitars are sent into an ART SGX Nightbass preamp controlled by an ART X-15 where special effects and preamp voicings are used for different songs and segments of songs. His signal is in stereo and he splits the low frequency from the high frequency signals, sending the lows to (2) 18″ subs, (one R & one L) powered by a Crown PowerBass 1 (where most of the bass pedals go to), & the highs to (2) Ampeg 410HLFs (oneR & oneL) powered by an Ampeg SVT 4. “I also use a crybaby wah and a remake of the old Maestro Brassmaster stompbox called a B.Ass Master. One last secret for my tone, before every show, I put on a brandnew set of RotoSound Roundwound strings, a bit expensive, but you cant match that tone without this; soundmen love me, I demand 4 channels for my sound 2 low freq.R & L, & 2 high freq. R & L”.

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  1. Patrick Imus, The I MAN, sounds just like Chris Squire. It’s amazing! I can’t stop listening to and watching his performance.
    E. Loretto from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    ps: I just started the I MAN fanclub. Anyone interested please contact

  2. Sounds 1000 times better than Billy Sherwood that’s for sure!!!!

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