Sound Chaser’s first performance of 2013: Bringing Yes Music to the South Florida Fair!

The Yes tribute band Sound Chaser will be appearing at the 2013 4th Annual Classic Rock Tribute Band Competition January 26th at 7:00pm.  Singer Craig Lake will be fronting the band, with Tom Matlosz on guitar and other stringed instruments, Alex Chigos on a plethora of keys, Patrick Imus on Bass and Pedals, and Ken Burton on drums.

Sound Chaser will open its competition set with the hit Yes song Owner of a Lonely Heart, followed by other notable Yes songs like All Good People and Roundabout.

Other tribute bands competing Saturday include a Led Zeppelin tribute and a Journey tribute among others, so classic rock will be well represented.

The winner of the competition will be playing at 8:00 pm. Sound Chaser will be performing some epic Yes pieces (should we win) such as Heart  of The Sunrise, Going For the One, Siberian Khatru, Starship Trooper, and others.

Come see us Saturday at 7 at the Pepsi Stage at the Party Pavilion!




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