Here’s some samples from a recent rehearsal… take a listen!

Finally! Click here for some song samples from a recent rehearsal of our Yes tribute band!

We recorded off the board at a recent rehearsal, and put together a sample mp3 of some of the songs we do! Keep in mind that we were recording live off an antiquated board (in current standards) with too few channels for our instrumentation, so we have some other mixers slaved into it. Please forgive the balance, but you’ll get an idea of the great new synergy with the new band makeup…  Interested in the band?  Leave a comment or email for more info!


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  1. You guys sound great! Tim, you’ve found your niche! 🙂 Wish I lived out there, I’d come out to support you guys. Keep this music alive! 🙂 – Chris (aka chris21125150)

  2. Thanks for your support, Chris, coming from you that means a lot. We were very blessed to have found Tim, he’s made all the difference in the world.

  3. Any performances coming up in palm beach county or nearby?

  4. I just saw the “real” Yes, and I must say, you guys sound more like Yes then…….. Yes!!!!

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