At Last! Our Yes Tribute video is live on Youtube (and here)

We’re extremely excited to be presenting our official intro video to our Yes Tribute band, Sound Chaser! While we had to leave a couple of songs we’d taped out because of video problems (our videographer’s camera lost And You and I and we ran into editing problems with Heart of the Sunrise), we’re glad to be able to finally share this!  (Heart of the Sunrise, and a live version of And You and I are forthcoming — here’s the audio tracks with them included.)

Overall, we’re happy with the video.  Just a reminder, we play with no backing tracks or samples (except the Owner ones YES used).  Come see us live!  We do many of the “classic” YES songs (including all of the Close to the Edge album) and covers from the 90125 era.

We have bios for all the band members above, and lots of other information on our site.

If you’re a promoter, click on our EPK link above for more info!


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  1. Love it Man. Cant wait to see you all live.

  2. When you guys hit that note in Close to the Edge, I got the same chills I get when I hear the original recording. I’m hoping that when I’m in Florida that you guys will be playing!

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