captured Alex sitting in with Led Hed at BB Kings…

Alex Chigos, our “Rick Wakeman” sat in on a song with the phenomenal Zeppelin tribute Led Hed at their show at BB Kings last Thursday…

And DoWestPalm caught it…

Alex with Led Hed




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  1. Ken, Long time no see! Looks like you’ve come a long way in your musical development over the years. Can’t really say I’ve done the same. I completely stopped playing for a number of years…I would pick it up once in a great while…then would quit again. I did that several times. Then about 8 years ago I joined a choir from church and have been playing with them ever since. They are terrible musicians….the worst I’ve ever played with……my wife wants to go to church there and I don’t want to stanpd before The Lord and try to explain, some day, wfhy I was given a talent but didn’t use it! I’ve been working a lot but I will try to stay in touch! Take care!

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